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We can often replace your electric hot water system with an energy-efficient heat pump for as little as nothing thanks to government-facilitated subsidies. Additionally, after upgrading, you’ll save up to 70% on water heating costs and hundreds of dollars annually on energy costs. Every family may choose from a variety of heat pump sizes and brands from us, all of which come with fantastic Australian parts and labour warranties. Even with gas hot water, a heat pump upgrade will dramatically reduce your energy costs. Discover more about switching from gas.

How much will it cost to upgrade to a hot water system that is energy efficient?


Efficient Energy Group is presently offering Energy Efficient Water Systems for $450 thanks to the NSW State and Federal Governments. Installation by a plumber with a licence is included in this.

This is for owners of residential homes in NSW who are participating in the Energy Saving Scheme (HEER)

You can qualify for a BRAND NEW hot water system at a discounted price.

In NSW, electric water heaters are found in the majority of existing residences. A water heat pump is one of the main factors in increasing your electricity costs because it uses a lot of electricity. Electric water heaters are frequently seen as a significant source of pollution that harms the environment.

Steps to save your electricity

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