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Solar Harbour is an Australian owned and a leading solar retailer, it has developed a vision to deliver clean energy solutions to residential and commercial properties. Our goal is to provide clean energy solutions and high-quality solar energy system to homes across the NSW, Qld and ACT. We take immense pride working towards a cleaner future for our beautiful world while saving our valued customers money on every bill. With a quality system and a workmanship guarantee, our customers are happier and more efficient on their energy usage with Solar Harbour.

What makes Solar Harbour much special in the market –

  1. SKILLED WORK-FORCE : Solar Harbour works with the professional and experienced installers in the industry. All of our installers are CEC accredited, functionally trained and have a high degree of design and installation experience.
  2. QUALITY ASSURANCE : 10 years Workmanship Warranty from SolarHarbour. 15 years Product Warranty from Manufacturer on solar panels 25 years Performance Warranty from Manufacturer on solar panels 10 years Inverter Warranty from Manufacturer
  3. QUICK AND EASY FINANCE : Solar Harbour partners with a wide range of the industry’s most trusted finance companies. Our finance providers offer hassle-free repayment plans ranging from 6 to 60 months. Each of which is tailored-made considering the repayment capacity of every customer and we ensure to maintain utmost transparency with our clients. We understand the customers need to reduce their energy bills without having to empty out their savings and hence our finance providers share the same mission as ours – to provide a great, easy-to-use service to our customers.
  4. BEST VALUE SERVICES : Our Solar Specialists are committed to providing you with a value for your money spent on the Solar PV System. We aim to provide you with a system that maximises your savings. Furthermore, we provide an option to our clients for solar systems at zero deposit / no upfront cost (T&C’s Applied)

Director’s Message

In order to speak about 2020, We want to reflect on what We learnt from 2019. We want to celebrate collaboration, trust of partnerships and people, alongside trusting one’s self and letting change be a great opportunity to see in new ways. 2019 at Massive was quite a ride; a rollercoaster of change. It was change that impacted lives of every individual.

We Australians have been further impacted by such rigorous changes happening to the environment since 2019 December, it all started off with severe bush fires and later led to this Global pandemic which mankind is slowly getting used to. It’s fascinating how soon we humans adapt to changes and how we plan our way out of it.

We realized that these new possibilities (new people; new ways of opportunities being formed and delivered) provided a welcome and wonderful opportunity to be embraced. New opportunities combined with long-standing, valuable collaborative relationships – this all made for great and inspiring outcomes.

We encourage you to celebrate what you know, and to back yourself. Celebrate those you work with, those people who allow you to keep finding the new, by bringing all their expertise, knowledge and creative practice to. Celebrate change and what it allows you to experience and see, even when you think ‘that’s the last thing I need’…it could just be what you most need to keep yourself alive to it all.

Solar Harbour is immensely thankful for the combined efforts our team, our valuable customers and partners during this difficult time. In realizing this, everything changed for the better. Predominantly hoping Solar Harbour has helped you through this time and looking forward to a fruitful and healthier way of life in 2021.

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