Residential Solar Panel Installation

Solar energy is a smart choice for Australian households. Not only can you save money with our beautiful sunny climate — you are also investing in a healthier world for generations to come by reducing your carbon footprint on the earth.

Solar Harbour intends to help more Aussie homeowners to take advantage of solar energy’s financial and environmental advantages. Our passion for the Australian solar sector reflects in our operations and services as we strive to provide tailor-made solutions to every customer, we reckon only premium, tier-one products available in the market and we guarantee to install a high-performing solar system that will maximize your return on your solar energy investment.

Why Do You Need To Install The Solar Panel System At Home ?

Installing a solar panel system in your home means that you will be using less electricity from the grid. Pure and clean energy from the sun is used by the best solar systems. Clean energy means that you are helping the environment by not using fossil fuel energy, as well as by cutting your monthly bills.

We are here to help you in every stage of your layout, authorization, and assembly processes of your solar system for a lower cost. Solar Harbour can provide custom devices for your individual requirements for your house.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar energy operates by converting sunlight into electricity. … This is obtained by installing solar panels on your roof which produce electricity as DC (Direct Current) this is then fed into a solar inverter that transforms DC power from your solar panels into electric AC (alternating current). The converted electricity powers your home and excess produced will be fed back into the grid.

Request For Free Solar Consultation

As a sensible homeowner, you like to budget for the year ahead, and maybe even a few years in advance. You ‘re also more than likely to be concerned about the rise in energy prices that Australia has seen in recent years – and you’d be right to worry as they show no signs of slowing down.

You can just call us to book the appropriate time to consult us on 1300252090 or fill in our Get in touch with us form. When you contact us, we will arrange for one of our trained solar consultants to visit you in your home at your convenience time.

We will evaluate everything necessary to determine the best Solar Power System Solution for you during your FREE no obligation consultation by:

  1. Checking your use of electricity
  2. Checking the roof type of your home
  3. Checking for any shading problems
  4. Validing the orientation of your roofs
  5. Factoring in the angle of the roof
  6. Checking how many and where the solar panels can be installed
  7. Evaluation of where the Solar Inverter can be installed
  8. Evaluation of where the cables can be run
  9. Consulting with you on future requirements

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