How to choose best solar company in Australia

With the rising cost of electricity, many homeowners and business owners are turning to alternative energy sources to fuel their homes, businesses, and automobiles. Last year, the average monthly energy bill for a family of four was $250. That adds up to nearly $150,000 in electricity alone over the next 25 years. The efficiency of the solar installer and equipment chosen must be carefully considered to ensure that going solar will result in real cost savings because the system’s reliability will have a direct impact on long-term savings. Here are some pointers on how to choose the right solar company for your home or business in Australia.


Today, many Australians work in the solar industry in Australia, which means that many solar firms and employees will be new to the industry and will be lacking in expertise. Take the time to carefully review and solar company’s website and read online reviews to ensure that they have a clear positive track record and a solid guarantee to back it up. While almost every solar installer in Australia now provides a 10-year workmanship warranty, it is just as reliable as the firm that backs it up.

Don't Allow Yourself to Be Pushed

If a solar company wants to push you into purchasing a device, they are not a successful solar partner. Solar systems are long-term investments that necessitate study, careful analysis, and a substantial financial commitment. If the solar installer says the price will rise tomorrow, it’s time to find another source.

Meet The Installer

Never e-sign a contract with a solar provider until you have spoken with the solar installer in person. Check to see if they have sound qualifications and paperwork. To guarantee you are not responsible for any losses or injury during construction, always request a copy of the solar contractor’s and subcontractor’s license, insurance, and workers’ comp policy.

Choose The Best System

To maximize the amount of energy you receive from every drop of sunshine it’s imperative to pick a solar company in NSW, Australia that has the best panel technology available. All solar products are not equal and picking a solar company in Australia with inferior panels will result in your paying more out-of-pocket for electricity due to less efficient panels, and more for panel maintenance, due to inferior quality construction. Before choosing the right company for your installation, ask your solar partner about the panel size, durability, warranty, and performance, and then compare those to other solar companies in your market.

Financing Plans

Finally, always choose the best solar company in Australia to assist you in navigating the various solar finance solutions open to you. A successful solar partner would collaborate with you to determine the best choice for you, whether it is a cash buy, a solar lease, or a solar loan. If you partner with the right business, you will start saving money with solar regardless of your budget or credit background.

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