Solar Panel Installation in Mount Druitt

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Daily, Mount Druitt generates about 4.36-kilowatt hours per square meter of solar irradiation. Solar panels mounted in Kings Park can, ideally, face northward. The appropriate panel angle range is 18° to 28°, with 23° being the best angle. Roof orientation can decide the exact mounting angle on most rooftop PV installations.

In Mount Druitt, there are 2656 solar PV installations with a total capacity of 7082.37 kW. Postcode 2148 is responsible for 0.174 percent of all solar installations in Australia. In Kings Park, the average machine size is 2.67kW, while the national average is 3.15kW. System owners in the Mount Druitt postcode area generate an average of 30879 kWh per day, saving them a total of $277912 per month and $3381265 per year**. Arrays in the 2148 postcode provide enough electricity to completely fuel 1967 Australian homes.

Solar panel installation cost in Mount Druitt, Sydney

When choosing the right system for you, keep in mind that price is a good indicator of efficiency. You don’t have to pay the most money to get the best results, but staying inside this price range means that you’re investing in a product that can last – now and in the future.

When it comes to the future, you can still think about warranty service. Things can – and do – go wrong, so a warranty is essential, as is Australian-based assistance.

Mount Druitt Home Battery Systems

Take part in the energy storage revolution in Kings Park. Kings Park, to be precise. We sell and build home battery storage systems as well as solar panels that are battery-ready. Solar Harbour is approved clean energy council retailer. Please contact our NSW team at 1300 252 090 for more details.

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